Roxburgh Circle

Roxburgh Circle (named after Andy Roxburgh, former Scotland Team Manager and UEFA’s first Technical Director), is a common warmup scheme.

Roxburgh Circle

How is it set up?

At least half the team are on the outside of a circle with soccer balls, acting as servers.  The remaining members of the team are on the inside working.

What is the objective?

Used as a tool for technical repetition, a number of skills can be worked on.  The interior players receive a pass from a server, perform the specific technique, and either pass the ball back to the same server or pass to a different server.

How do you progress it?

Defenders can be added to increase pressure, and other stipulations can be added – such as an interior player can not pass to the same server who gave him the ball.

What does it teach?

Coaches can point out different skills such as methods of turning, various dribbling moves, heading, receiving the ball out of the air, etc.


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