Everyone involved in the youth game in this country has witnessed the “us v. them” philosophy during a soccer game. Our goal in this blog is to highlight the need to educate, and assist in the understanding that single game results do not matter; that the opponent on game day is not “the enemy”; that the importance lies in the long-term enjoyment and improvement of young soccer players.

This blog will take a look at the goings-on in the youth soccer sphere, focusing on the U.S. – but given the global nature of the game – we’ll also explore events around the globe. We’ll discuss everything from comments heard at youth soccer games, to the “argument” of winning v. development, to the beauty of the game. We’ll also include some soccer drills – and actually explain the possible purpose of these drills as well. Our overall goal is to increase the general knowledge base about the game in this country (A rising tide lifts all boats, if you will). At the very least, we hope to inform, and get parents and coaches to understand that at the youth level, this game is not about winning records. It’s about fun, the overall development of kids, and the improvement of young players.

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