Heard on the Field

“Unbelievably” True Tales:

I’ve often told the kids I coach that the two things I can’t stand in youth soccer are “joystick coaches” and crazy parents. You know who joystick coaches are – they’re the ones who are commenting and “instructing” their players during the game as if they were playing FIFA 14. Crazy parents – well, they need no explanation.

The following are comments heard by parents and coaches on the soccer field:

- “Get in front of it!” (What does this mean?)
- “Send it!” (Where?)
- “You’re going the wrong way!”
- “Get your hair out of your eyes!” (said to the ref)
- “Get onsides!” (said during a throw-in – 1) there is no offside on a throw-in, and 2) it’s “offside”, not “offsides”)…
- “Kick it!” (thanks for clarifying)…

Please feel free to send any additional comments that you think should be added to this list. And if you are guilty of having uttered one (or more) of these phrases, I hope you’ll take this in the spirit in which it was intended and have a laugh along with the rest of us!

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